March 2013

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March 2013 Newsletter

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Request for Board Nominations 2013

To:  Voting Members of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce
From:  The Windsor Chamber of Commerce
Re:  Notice of Nomination of Candidates for the Chamber Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce has recommended that the following Chamber members be nominated for election to a three year term on the Windsor Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors:

Will Jones, Dwelling Resources

Amanda Lee Pearson, Okini Design

Ron Rouse, Sonoma Bank

In accordance with Article IV, Section 2 of the Chamber bylaws, the Nominating Committee  will call for additional nominations from the floor at the March 19, 2013 Membership Meeting Luncheon.  (Nominations are valid only from members in good standing.)  If there are no further nominations, the above names will be declared Directors, with ratification at the April 9, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting.