Wise Acre Farm

Wise Acre Farm is an increasingly self-sustaining egg farm with a goal to raise chickens humanely and provide the healthiest farm fresh eggs for the people of Sonoma County.

Our pasture raised eggs are superior to conventional eggs in taste and health benefits.

Our methods of raising chickens humanely and sustainably not only makes for happy chickens, but for healthy eggs.

Established in January of 2012, Wise Acre Farm is a place where a chicken can be a chicken. That means our chickens have access to a safe, clean pasture 24/7. They dust bath and scratch and forage natural foods off the land. The Holbrook Family purchased this farm in August 2018 from the founder Bryan Boyd. Bryan was the architect for the mobile fleet of coops.

We currently have about 1,500 birds on a 15-acre farm. The birds are rotation depends on the weather. In summer we allow the birds a little extra time to eat down the dried grass and move every 5 days. During the wet months the coops can be moved on average every 3 days. Rotating the chickens is the key to providing them with a healthy, humane environment.

You can purchase our farm fresh eggs and occasionally locally grown produce right here at our farm. We also offer Free Farm Tours. Please check our calendar.

Wise Acre Farms participate in Farm Trails.

Our PASTURE RAISED chickens experience very different conditions compared to CAGE FREE or FREE RANGE chickens.
The USDA’s (and industry standard) definition for “Free Range” is that birds must have “outdoor access” or “access to the outdoors.” In some cases, this can mean access only through a “pop hole,” with no full-body access to the outdoors, no minimum space requirement and regardless of whether there is good pasture or just bare dirt or concrete outside those doors!

This is a CONVENTIONAL chicken farm.

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