Shopping Directory Intro

Shiloh Shopping Center – This highly visible commercial area along Highway 101 at the intersection of Shiloh Road and Hembree Lane boasts the largest store in town including anchor tenants Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Office Depot -- as well as numerous fast food restaurants, tire and auto parts outlets, a cobbler, tanning center and additional retailers.

Windsor Palms Plaza – Positioned adjacent to Old Redwood Highway across from the Mary Agatha Furth Center, this plaza offers Mexican cuisine at three restaurants and a market, a pizza restaurant, an all American food restaurant, donut shop, fitness & martial arts centers, dental and medical offices, as well as other fine establishments.

Lakewood Shopping Center – Found on Brooks Road South near the main Windsor exit off of Highway 101, this center is divided into two retail clusters anchored respectively by anchor food markets Safeway and Raley’s. This center is home to more than 12 restaurants. A package shipping store and the U.S. Post Office are here as is Windsor’s financial district including five banks, two of which are inside the large food markets. There is also a dry cleaner, drug store, jewelry store, frozen yogurt shop and a number of beauty salons to explore.

Old Downtown Windsor – This name has been given to the Town Green mixed use commercial and residential area between Windsor River Road and Windsor Road on the west side of the freeway. The center is home to many dining establishments offering American, French, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese and Himalayan cuisine along with other eateries featuring omelettes, breakfast and lunch menus and two coffee shops. It is also home to the original Powell's candy store, as well as a florist, book store, jewelry and gift store, a bed & bath boutique, bead shop, bicycle center, pharmacy, an antique store, a fabric store, a food market, and other fine establishments.

Windsor Village -- On Old Redwood Highway near the intersection of Shiloh Road on the east side of Windsor, this center is home to a massage spa, a wig and hair salon, an exercise center, a landscape architect, photographer,  and other tenants.

Bonaventure Plaza -- Located at the north side of Windsor along Old Redwood Highway, this area is becoming known as the automotive center of town with an auto body shop, used parts lot, an auto repair center, a vehicle window glass company, a truck repair center, a hardware, equipment rental center and a landscape materials provider. The plaza itself is home to two Mexican markets and a taqueria, pizzeria, café, pet shop, clothing store and a public coin laundry center.