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We are thrilled to announce that the inaugural Leadership Windsor Program began August 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting milestone for our community.

Throughout California and the U.S., Chamber-sponsored Community Leadership programs build relationships and provide solid knowledge of local services, issues and needs. These programs forge bonds of respect and understanding within the community, and between diverse current and future leaders.

Your Windsor Chamber of Commerce is proud to present its newest program, Leadership Windsor.

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Welcome to Leadership Windsor (Lead.Win.), a transformative program offered by the Windsor Chamber of Commerce that empowers individuals to become effective leaders in our thriving community. Spanning over 10 months, this annual initiative is designed to cultivate leadership skills and provide a comprehensive understanding of Windsor's local government structures, economic and social issues, and public services.

Personal Growth

Program Overview:

Each Leadership Windsor class consists of approximately 25 individuals who share a profound commitment to Windsor's immediate and long-term future. These participants are driven by a desire to actively contribute to local problem-solving and solutions. Candidates who have demonstrated previous service-oriented engagement in Windsor are particularly sought after for this dynamic program.


Monthly Engagement:

Participants commit to fully engage in each monthly session, immersing themselves in a rich curriculum that explores the intricacies of our community. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and site visits, participants gain valuable insights and knowledge that will empower them to make a meaningful impact.


Diversity and Inclusivity:

Embracing the strength that comes from diversity, our classes are intentionally formed to reflect the rich tapestry of Windsor. We approach the selection process without discrimination or preference, fostering an inclusive environment where a variety of perspectives and backgrounds contribute to a robust learning experience.


Selection Process:

To ensure the highest caliber of participants, candidates undergo a thorough interview process. This not only allows us to gauge their commitment but also ensures a well-rounded and diverse group of individuals who bring unique perspectives to the program.


Financial Accessibility:

We believe that leadership development should be accessible to all. The tuition for the 2023-24 program is $1000. Recognizing that financial constraints may be a concern for some, we are pleased to offer scholarship assistance to eligible candidates. Our commitment is to make Leadership Windsor an opportunity that is within reach for those with the passion and dedication to lead.

Join us on a journey of personal and professional growth, where you will forge lasting connections, expand your understanding of our community, and emerge as a confident and effective leader. Apply for Leadership Windsor and become a catalyst for positive change in Windsor.

How to Support Leadership Windsor

•Recommend someone in your organization, or a family member or acquaintance, to apply
•Provide sponsorships for participants and general donations, with recognition opportunities. Contact our Office at 707.838.7285, info@windsorchamber.com or Maureen Merrill at 707.484.0320, maureen@maureenmerrill.com
•Provide a venue or sponsorship for various events including site visits, lunches and start- or end-of-day gatherings

2023-24 Steering Team:

•Director Maureen Merrill – Coach/consultant, past Windsor Town Council Member; community volunteer
•Gina-Fortino Dickson – Attorney, Planning Commissioner
•Beth Henry – Chamber Executive Director
•Samantha Howard – Program Administrator, Chamber Office Manager
•Sue Nelson – Retired President of Brelje & Race Engineering; community volunteer
•Tim Ricard – Economic Development Manager, Town of Windsor

Questions and comments? Please contact our office at 707.838.7285 or office@windsorchamber.com

Thank you sponsors and supporters of Leadership Windsor