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Lead-Win circle

Groundbreaking, Future-Building New Program
Class One begins August 2023

Well-informed, deeply connected and engaged local leaders are at the heart of a thriving, economically sound community.

Throughout California and the U.S., Chamber-sponsored Community Leadership programs build relationships and provide solid knowledge of local services, issues and needs. These programs forge bonds of respect and understanding within the community, and between diverse current and future leaders.

Your Windsor Chamber of Commerce is proud to present its newest program, Leadership Windsor.


The annual 10-month program consists of a monthly full-day session and optional supplemental activities. Each day has a general theme area or areas, and includes wide-ranging information, in-depth discussion, and expert guest presenters who interact personally with participants. Most sessions are on the third Wednesday of the month.

Prospective Participant Information

A Class consists of approximately 25 individuals who:
•care deeply about Windsor’s immediate and long-term future, and wish to be part of local problem-solving and solutions
•have previous service-oriented engagement in Windsor
•and commit to participate fully in each monthly session

Classes are formed with affirmative intention to reflect the diversity of Windsor without discrimination or preference.
•Candidates will be interviewed
•Tuition for 2023-24 is $1000. Scholarship assistance is available

Link to Application


How to Support Leadership Windsor

•Recommend someone in your organization, or a family member or acquaintance, to apply
•Provide sponsorships for participants and general donations, with recognition opportunities. Contact Maureen Merrill - 707.484.0320, maureen@maureenmerrill.com
•Provide a venue or sponsorship for various events including site visits, lunches and start- or end-of-day gatherings

2023-24 Steering Team:

•Director Maureen Merrill – Coach/consultant, past Windsor Town Council Member; community volunteer
•Gina-Fortino Dickson – Attorney, Planning Commissioner
•Beth Henry – Chamber Executive Director
•Ben Lehr – Insurance Agent; past Planning Commissioner; community volunteer
•Sue Nelson – Retired President of Brelje & Race Engineering; community volunteer
•Tim Ricard – Economic Development Manager, Town of Windsor

Questions and comments? Please contact Maureen: 707.484.0320 maureen@maureenmerrill.com